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  • An easy page turner

    By Linny10001
    Some leaps of imagination required but the story held together. The use of present tense made it a frustrating read as my brain constantly felt the need to translate it. I thought the epilogue was unnecessary and it certainly didn’t require a new character to narrate it.
  • Compelling read, full of suspense, twists and turns!

    By Moyra57
    This fast-paced, gripping psychological thriller is the latest by C.L. Taylor and it doesn’t disappoint. This is the story of vulnerable Lou, a 14 year old who falls in love with her married, seemingly respectable, martial arts instructor. Consequently she’s abducted by the devious, cunning psychopath Hughes as he showers her with undying love, fleeing to France with her. Their relationship soon changes and Lou finds herself being abused and treated with disregard, as Hughes’ mood swings cause him to frequently abandon her, going on drinking binges, in the pretence of finding them somewhere safe to hide. Apprehensive Lou becomes increasingly distressed, wishing to return home. Fast forward 18 years and Hughes has been released from prison. As Lou struggles to hold down relationships, it’s happening all over again, as Hughes seeks out Chloe, an impressionable 13 year old who, also having a disturbing relationship with her own bullying, drunken father, bears a resemblance to Lou. Hughes buys her affection with gifts and compliments, offering her attention where her father fails, gradually grooming her and winning her over. Meanwhile, Hughes’ ex-wife Wendy comes on the scene, singling out Lou and seeking revenge on the girl who broke up her marriage. When Lou inherits her father’s house after his death and moves back to her childhood home, she becomes aware of Hughes’ intentions and tries to warn Chloe by letting her read the secret diary she kept during the abduction. But impressionable Chloe doesn’t want to know. A plan develops with disastrous consequences, when Lou tries to lure Hughes under false pretences to her father’s home as its payback time. This is a compelling, believable read, defining what an abductee may experience and how it could affect them long term, together with what family and friends may experience. Unputdownable!
  • Gripping - so be sure to clear your day before you start!

    By paige-poynter-ox
    Whenever CL Taylor releases a new book, I know to clear my day in anticipation of a gripping story that I can't put down. The Fear did not disappoint! As much as I waned to get to the end to find out what happened I also didn't want it to be over. The story was consistently fast paced, gripping, and exciting. As with Cally's previous books each chapter tells a different characters story and perspective. In The Fear we read from the point of view of three women (Lou, Wendy and Chloe), each at different stages in life and with a different story. The one thing they have in common is Mike, a violent predator. Cally has a real talent for writing flawed and damaged but believable characters. By the time I was finished with one persons chapter I couldn't wait to get back to them, but by the time I'd got through the next I couldn't wait to get back to that persons story. I'd highly recommend any CL Taylor book. The only downside is that I get through them so fast and have to wait for her next one. I think The Fear may be her darkest yet and I love that. It's dark, disturbing, and twisty which is exactly what I look for in a crime thriller!
  • Great read

    By covgal
    C. L. Taylor is one of favourite authors, been a big fan, since home for Christmas , and when she started writing thrillers I was hooked, this book is a very different book about grooming, I would of finished this book a lot quicker, but being a mum and childminder, I don’t get much free time. But this book was very addictive once you start and you wanted to know more. I love the fact you have little flashbacks wish there was more of them, the characters are believable, Lou was my favourite and I’m glad she got a happy ending, Wendy was a bit annoying but came good at the end, Chloe was a bit different as teenager compared to Lou, but I would say Chloe mind set was younger than Lou at the age of 13/14, over all if you want a book that keeps you guessing and wondering then I highly recommend this one..